Sylvain's stage magic show :

One of the most beautiful and skillful shows presented these days.

The First stage character was inspired by the magnificent & charming character of Jack Sparrow from "The Pirates of the Caribbean".
An Impressive and colorful character, unique and hypnotizing magic effects, original music, intelligent humor that touches every person in the audience – all these brings the show to an experience that is far beyond a magic show.
It is a journey to the legendary and fantastic world of the imagination.

  • The magic show is a family magician show, interesting to all ages and to each (and every) participant.
  • The magic show is adjusted to each event and stage (from a private living room to the top professional stage).
  • The show includes objects levitating, juggling with 8 crystal balls, grand-illusions, animals and the active participation of an audience of all ages.
  • The show is combined with each event, and its length (10-60 minutes) is adjusted to the nature and theme of the event.

This magic show is selected to be the opener for many festivals, and this is the testimony of the choreographer Nir Bel-Gal from the dance institution…
"…a real pleasure to open the festival this way…adults kids and teenagers were standing mouth opened in front - at the skill of the wonderful French Riviera magician…many days following the show people here still talked about the amazing juggler magician… terrific magic show…if you have a chance run to see, to enjoy, to be excited and amazed".
Sylvain's magic show is an international show presented every year on the best stages around Europe.

The french Riviera magician for all the best birthday Party.     HERE
with animal magic show & flying illusions.
Also provided: close-up Magician & wedding magician and as a special feature: the flying bride.

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