Your guests are onboard now, having a relaxing, pleasurable time of in this heaven.
Their dreams have come true, and we want to make it magically perfect for them.
This is the art of French riviera Close-up Magician Sylvain Bottello, entertaining your guests at the bar, deck, restaurant & stage, making them laugh and enjoy their time like they never before. 
Fantastic close-up magician show: it happens right in front of your guests eyes and will make them forget reality…as Sylvain does not obey the laws of physics, and neither do his props…
Short interactive magic sequences (close-up magic) are presented by French Riviera Magician illusionist Sylvain BOTTELLO using cards, ropes, coins, grand-illusions on stage and more items, all with the same quality: they never act the way we would expect them to.
Sylvain plays with the amazed spectators – joy and laughter are guaranteed! Magic is life & Life is magic.
Sylvain BOTTELLO the French Riviera Magician presents the close-up magic either with a classical magician suit, or with a naughty pirate or a steampunk character .

The French riviera Magician in Monaco, Saint-Tropez and Nice Côte d'azur.
Birthday parties entertainment, Grand illusion magic show and all events.

Close-up & stage magician for the french Riviera & Nice Côte d'Azur...

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