Sylvain's new production is designed especially for close-up magic / mentalism entertainment & stage illusion shows.
In the center of this magic show there is a funny and naughty character, playing with the audience and with objects (i.e. floating table, magical bubbles, and crystal balls).

The audience is shocked and excited by the amazing skills and magic illusions presented in front of their eyes.

This live show presents an impressive and colorful persona, unique and hypnotizing magic effects, original music, intelligent humor that touches each person in the audience – This makes the show an experience that is far beyond a magic show.
It is a journey to the legendary and fantastic world of the imagination.

The Magic show was created based on a cabaret act that won the 1st prize in magician's competitions.
The show includes objects levitating, juggling with 8 crystal balls and soap bubbles, Animal magic and the active participation of audiences of all ages.

The French Riviera Magician / Mentalist Sylvain Bottello is the party entertainer of all the French Riviera events for many years.
The French Riviera Magician provides magic shows for all ages and venues.

  • Birthday party magician.
  • Companies.
  • Trade-shows.
  • Close-up Magician:
  • Stage magic show entertainer.
  • Yacths.

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