I am a French Riviera magician and a juggling artist with 18 years experience of performing all around the world.

The magic shows are designed for adult & children.

  • Close-up Magician. (Adult). Here.
  • children Birthday Magician. Here.

I started out as a juggler and acrobat after completing 4 years of studies in the French National Circus School A. Fratellini. I always loved magic. However, I began to learn magic following an injury during acrobatics. Since then I have been trained by the best magicians in the world such as McBride and Vallarino.

In the last few years I have created my stage character, inspired by the captivating character of Jack Sparrow from "Pirates of the Caribbean", and I have created my own show, based on a unique artistic cabaret number combining juggling and magic and live animals.

I perform in the 4 languages I speak: English, French, Spanish and Hebrew.

In addition to my career as the French Riviera Magician, I have also developed a few other fields of interest: during a tour in Australia I underwent a shamanic initiation and stayed with the Aborigines in the desert for a few months; For 4 years I learned and was accredited to treat using Neurotraining (an area in alternative medicine) and for a few years I was the "home simultaneous translator" of the Marseille School of Neuro-training during the visit of lecturers from abroad.

In my daily routine I like to combine Meditation, Chi-Gong and Yoga, to maintain a healthy and balanced life style close to nature. 

I enjoy performing in different countries and love the adrenalin boost I feel when I perform to different cultures.

In 2010 I won the prize of magic champion in Israel.
Now I live in The French Riviera. I will host you in a theatre,  on your yacht or any venue you can imagine.

I love magic. I live and breathe magic. I see magic as an excellent source for emotional release, joy and laughter, and I invite you to join me on a magical journey!

The close-up magician of all your events in the french riviera.

06 13 40 61 45