French riviera Magician Sylvain Bottello guides juggling workshops for adults, emphasizing the quality of self-confidence in the learner.
Applying different approaches that he learnt, such as working with the breath (Yoga) and energy (Chi-Gong), Sylvain enables the learner to achieve relaxation and self-confidence, which results in a surprisingly quick integration of the juggling skills.
During the workshop, Sylvain is using his knowledge of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) to guide the participants.

The use of NLP supports the learner to bypass his/her old belief system (e.g. "my coordination is not good") and opens them up to acquiring a new skill.
The experience is powerful and intense, a life changing experience.
The juggling workshop can be limited to one session of 90 minutes, or to a series of a few lessons for deeper work.
Sylvain's approach is open, creative and experiential, for instance – in the basic workshops he demonstrates the juggling principles using papers sheets and chairs…
At the end of the workshop e v e r y o n e is juggling!
The only requirements are openness, concentration and trust in the process.
Sylvain regularly practices Yoga, Chi-Gong and Meditation, and has learned an area of alternative medicine called Neurotraining. Combining this "alternative" knowledge with his education of circus and acrobatics leads to amazing results in the learning process of juggling.
In addition to the pleasure that results from juggling, it is a powerful tool to strengthen the connections between the right and left hemispheres (synapses of the corpus callosum), and therefore it can improve mental and cognitive abilities.
The workshop is recommended for team- building and fun days, and is suitable for groups of up to 15 people.

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