Are you looking for a great entertainment for your event in the French riviera ?
Imagine your guests having fun, laughing, being amazed. 
I offer your beloved guests a moment of laughter and joy.
Welcome to the universe of Sylvain Bottello the French Riviera Magician for :

  • Magician Birthday party in the french riviera. (here)
  • A Close-up magician show. (here)
  • Birthday party With :  animal magic, grand - illusion, balloon shaping, candy floss magic surprise, bouncing inflatable cattle.
  • Wedding close-up magician with: Mentalism, sleigth of hands, hypnosis, pick-pocking ...

Close-up Magic on board with Sylvain BOTTELLO the French Riviera magician is a special event for all types of participants.

The French riviera magician Sylvain BOTTELLO will organise the birthday party for you to enjoy and relax while the children are having fun.

 Options :

  • Close-up magician show.
  • Illusions magician show.
  • Children birthday parties.
  • Animal Magic show.
  • Bouncing castles.
  • treasure hunt.
  • Adventure and team-up games.
  • Circus work-shop.
  • Candy floss machines.

Call me , I ll will enjoy presenting my activities and create for you the perfect event.

Sylvain BOTTELLO the French Riviera Magician. 

06 13 40 61 45