The Wonderful World of Sylvain Bottello, Magician of the French Riviera

Magician and mentalist based on the French Riviera, I shape my life around the belief that magic is much more than just a show: it’s a powerful medium for sharing, captivating, and bringing people together. Driven by the desire to capture the beauty of a child’s wonder-filled gaze or the joyful laughter of a group of friends, I infuse each performance with a moment of poetry, offering a new perspective on the world.
My passion for close-up and stage magic is the guiding thread of my artistic journey. For me, success at an event goes beyond just the performance; it’s a mission that requires changing perspectives and questioning reality itself. As an artist of visual performing arts, I am committed to conveying a wonderful vision where the invisible manifests beauty and joy in the eyes of the audience.

My artistic journey has been built over four years in Paris and travels around the world. I have explored various artistic disciplines, from circus with Annie Fratellini to Chinese martial arts, from contemporary dance to theater with Dimitri in French-speaking Switzerland. My learning also includes close-up magic with world champion JP Vallarino and stage manipulation magic with master magician Jeff McBride from Las Vegas, among others.

I am honored to have been elected MAGICIAN OF THE YEAR at an international competition. Over time, my shows have taken various forms, influenced by my travels and cross-ethnic encounters. From circus performances and juggling at international street theater festivals, I offer a unique magical experience on every occasion.

Currently, I am performing on the French Riviera both on stage and close up magic, for individuals at weddings or children’s birthdays and adult birthdays as well as for corporate events and associations. My artistic versatility, holistic vision, and commitment to enchantment make me a dedicated magician to entertain your event.