Embark on a magical adventure with Sylvain the Pirate Magician!

Immerse yourself in the fascinating universe of pirate magic with Sylvain The Magician, a master of illusion who captivates his audience like no other. This interactive show themed around pirates showcases a whimsical magician who takes you on a magical journey where the pirate’s antics bewilder the audience and bring laughter to the children.

Pirate magic,
a magical universe.

This unforgettable show blends stage magic, grand illusions, animals, pirate-themed decor, and music. It’s an enchanting entertainment experience that captivates the senses and transports audiences into a cinematic universe, all centered around a character as mischievous as he is endearing.

The Pirate Show:
Explosive Magic

This stage show is an extraordinary adventure. The pirate magician takes you on a mysterious and enchanting journey. The little ones enjoy the antics of the pirate magician while the older ones appreciate the quality of the show and the grand illusions.

A Magical Experience
for your Children

I take you into the world of pirate magic. It’s a magical, fascinating, and interactive experience with a colorful character, his parrots, his bottle of rum, and his magical antics.

This show is designed to provide your events with lively and dynamic entertainment with a frenzy of magical excitement.



Stage area of 6m x 6m
Minimum ceiling height of 2.30m
One electrical power outlet

Technical Information for the Lounge

Stage area of 4m x 4m
Minimum ceiling height of 2.30m
One electrical power outlet

Technical Information for Outdoor Events

Location sheltered from wind and sun